Tyler "Trill" Falzone

  • Co-Founder & Owner

"I II IIII dont know man, that should've been a QUAD"

Tyler "Tyy" Bourque

  • Co-Founder & Owner

"A bit slow while stuck in 2003 playing cod 1 while somehow successfully helping run and grow KM"

"I manage clips and play Call of Duty... oh and I hunt"

Nick "Clainky" Nickerson

  • Sniping Leader

Hunter "Lovec" Foltz

  • Creative Director

"I move pixels"


Wesley "Feeds" Thomas

  • Overall Lead

"Speaking without thinking, is like shooting without aiming..... Get No Scoped."

Kyle "Revs" Shunk

  • Stream Lead

"Do you like my fish...? DO YOU???"

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